Why go to you and not a department store for an air-conditioner?

Because money matters! Although equipment bought in a department store is inexpensive, its operation is uneconomical and faulty. Unlike standard stores, our company shall provide expert advice and our specialized staff shall install the air-conditioning and procure regular maintenance service.

Do you provide service to other air-conditioning systems than those purchased from your company?

Certainly. We provide warranty and post-warranty service for all types of air-conditioners.

I consider purchasing an air-conditioner to my office, but i am not an expert in this area. Will you advise me?

Yes, we will. Our advisory service is free of charge and above all, it is noncommittal. Our designer shall give you advice and suggest an ideal solution according to your needs.

How to choose the most suitable air-conditioning system?

Main criteria for the right decision in choosing an air-conditioner:

  • 1. Design and type of the internal unit suitable for your interior space
  • 2. Acquisition price
  • 3. Properties of the outdoor unit (noise, vibrations, design)
  • 4. Cost of operation (power, maintenance, repair costs)
  • 5. Service availability
  • 6. Contractor’s competence (design, quality, references)

Air-conditioning and people with allergies

It is important to find out what kind of filters is used and what materials were used for the production of the air-conditioner. Thanks to efficient air filters, which capture even the finest dust particles, and to materials that prevent settling of bacteria, air-conditioners are suitable not only for people with allergies, but also for small children.


Air-conditioning systems can be classified according to the number of internal units connected to one outdoor condenser. Split air-conditioning means that one internal unit is connected to one outdoor unit. In multi split systems, two and more internal units are connected to the outdoor unit. The advantage of multi split systems is that air-conditioning of more than one room is possible. A disadvantage is that with the number of internal units connected to the outdoor unit, the performance and energy efficiency of the entire air-conditioning system decreases while acquisition costs increase. In the event that the outdoor unit breaks down, air-conditioning in the whole building is disabled.

Why is maintenance service important?

Maintenance service is necessary for the operating life of the system. If service is neglected, the air-conditioning functions during the warranty period and then you have to buy a new one, which is highly uneconomical.